Group Fitness
Cardio Training

Interval Alternating high and low intensity levels of cardio and strength training at timed intervals
Kickboxing Dynamic kicks, punches, and combinations that help develop a lean, strong body
Step Great for the experienced stepper with fun combinations and challenging moves
StePump Intervals of stepping and strengh training
Tabatas Get a great workout with this intense interval training class that is easily modified for all levels
CardioCircuit Beginnning on the cardio machines (treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, rowers) and combines challenging intervals of cardio and resistance work that take the boredom out of your cardio routine
Indoor Cycling

Cycle 45 minute all-terrain ride with flats, hills, jumps, and sprints
Ropin' and Ridin' combines cycling with intervals of Power Ropin' for a good old full-body workout!
Mind & Body

Pilates A flowing series of controlled and precise floor movements designed to lengthen muscles and improve core strength
Yoga Hatha yoga designed to increase strength, flexibility, and balance. Promotes relaxation and stress reduction
Strength Training

Chiseled Strength training workouts using weights, resistance bands, and other equipment for muscular strength and endurance. Each week we will focus on a different type of weight workout to continuously challenge your muscles and get results.
xPump Anti-aging for your body! A 60-minute barbell class that develops strength, power, and endurance to give you a lean, flexible body. Lift it or lose it!
Challenge If variety appeals to you and you ike to challenge yourself, you will love Boot Camp. You will build great strength, gain cardio endurance, burn fat, and have a great time!
Having a Ball Stability balls are combined with weights and bands to increase strength and flexibility and challenge your core.
Specialty Classes

Kettlebells help develop strength, endurance, and aerobic capacity while burning maximum calories in a short period of time. Prior instruction is recommended before joining class.
Pound© is a full-body workout using Ripstix© (weighted drumsticks designed for exercise) that fuses strength training, pilates, and cardio moves with drumming to challenge the body's stability and target and strengthen the core. Channel your inner performer and rock your body with this modern day infusion of movement and music that will leave you dripping sweat!
PowerRopes No jumping required, but you will get an incredible cardio & resistance workout with our 50-foot ropes. No prior experience required.
Plates & Pilates Improve your strength, flexibility, and core stability with barbell work and pilates techniques combined in this unique class.
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