Main Gym
The main gym is separated into three areas:

1. Free Weights & Plate Loading Machines
2. Cardio
3. Stack Machines & Stretching

Each area has a view of a flat-screen TV array, while cardio machines have headphone access to every TV audio signal.
Peloton Loft
Nestled above the main gym floor, the Peloton Loft provides a private area to power through an interactive cycling experience.
Group Fitness Studio
Attend one of today's custom classes in our fully-featured studio.
Yoga Studio
In a secluded corner of the facility, the brand new Yoga Nook is designed to reflect calming and powerful energies to get the most out of any session.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the first class!
Brenda Chighizola
Wellness Director
Designing custom group fitness classes, keeping each member on top of their game
Chad Smith
Director of Fitness
and High Performance
Pushing everyone to their limits, no matter the day
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